Hello, Adele, nice to finally discover you

When I am listening to Adele I see the contour of her sharp eyeliner. So smooth and black and perfect. And then her voice follows exactly the same, it just goes and goes and goes on astonishingly perfect.

I imagine her voice being a long black line (you know, because of her lyrics being all sad and blue, there’s the black). Therefore, this line spreads and simply fills pages and pages. Pages of empathy and nostalgia. And hope, in the end, doubled by gratitude.

I lost you there, I know.

The point is, I wasn’t particularly interested in Adele, although I’ve always been aware of her amazing voice. But since ‘Hello’ broke every God damn record in our digital world, I took my time to literally just listen to her. Like, being 100% there. I asked myself, there must be something about her, right?

There must be something about her, right?

So I turned off my smartphone, put on my headphones and played her songs on YouTube (I know, I am not that fancy as her actual fans, to buy her songs. I still consider myself a student, there’s my excuse). But really, I’ve been in awe.

I realised I actually never took my time to understand her, to be empathic and see behind her lyrics. It was all superficial in my head, I am thinking now when the force of her voice strikes me.

I will never listen to Adele like before. Like she’s regular, like any other singer out there (??). She’ll be, from now on, my shelter. No matter what song I choose, I can’t go wrong.

In the same time, I can see people wonder: why would you listen to a sad song, just to make you even more miserable? I’m not miserable, but even if I would be (I know life it’s not all pink and happy, don’t worry), I would still find shelter, if not in her lyrics, then definitely in her calm, reassuring voice.

‘Hello’ was my turning point. So yes, Adele, thank you for saying ‘Hello’ to the whole planet. I finally heard you.


Later edit: kidding about that ‘I’m a student’ joke. $9.99 well spent

Photo source: nslestheticiennethebeautician.wordpress.com, salon.com


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