Kicking pain’s a** with anoher pain in the a**

We all have a pain. Admit it. Pain is inevitable.


Today I feel like the world is ending. I want to scream, but there are people on the street. So in the end I am just going to accept my sadness.

I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth at times. Most of the times. But right now I want to be on my own and wander those streets like there’s no one else around me.

Because I don’t  want people near me. Why are all of those selfie sticks around? What the hell, people, have you gone crazy in the meantime? Aren’t you bored of taking so many pictures and seeing the world through that damn screen of your phone? (Classic bitching today, as you can see.  Like I wouldn’t do that in any other day anyway). But still, why are you all so noisy today?

And so I went home. I was trapped in a crowded city and people were simply too much to take. Wrapped in my music, I wanted to forget about my pain. My passing pain, I know, it comes and goes. But it’s there, it emerges every know and then. And I accept it, so I can get over it as fast as I can.

Back home, my seven-year-old very energetic brother was also a pain. My mum knows me. So she stayed away.

I am putting on my running clothes. She knows I’ll be fine by the time I’m back.


I was so confident when I began running. But my first 2k were the worse. God dammit, forgetting about my initial pain was the easiest thing to do when the physical one kicked in.

My legs were so sore that I felt like my 6k running plan is seriously compromised for tonight.

And then I saw the well-known hill. I knew I have to run it. Quitting was not one of my options today and  running uphill was  the thing that I love the most. It hurts the most, but it feels so damn good. So I ran that first hill and this was how I forgot about the pain again.

By the time I began running my second hill, I was in shape. Finishing the second one and being on top of it felt so good that I went on to the third and the last hill. A semi-hill actually, followed by a quick 1k flat run.

And then I headed back home.

There was no pain left inside of me.

IMG_9643I was breathing fast, but I was breathing. My legs were shaking a bit, but I was able to walk and run.

So I remembered why I felt like I am the luckiest person on Earth. I am alive and healthy. I have a roof over my head. I am abroad. I am living the moment. I travel. I love.

Pain? What’s that?


Photo source: personal archive


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