How I’ve learned to leave my smartphone outside of my bedroom at night

I feel bad for having this as a reason to be proud of. This shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

But unfortunately, it is. A big one. For a lot of us.

our problem is nothing but silly, though

You feel like it is impossible to go without your phone at first, I know. And like any other addiction in itself, if you look deeper into the issue, you realise that you need to fight hard against it. Luckily, if you are reasonable enough, you realise that your problem is really nothing but silly.

There are, definitely, global issues out there harder to fix. And really, going to bed should be exactly that: going to bed. Not going to swipe continuously on a lighted screen, not giggling into the dark on a friend’s joke, not texting until you fall asleep, late late at night, without realising that you’ve actually done that.

How have I done it? I read a book. And it has opened my eyes.




Arianna Huffington wrote this book when she realised how tired she was in her everyday life and how little sleep she was getting. And having a smartphone that was chirping and tweeting all the time did not help either.

She divided her book into several chapters: well-being, wisdom, wonder, giving. At the root of all of them there’s the fact that we’re all so distracted all the time and that we barely make time for ourselves, let alone our family, our girlfriends or boyfriends, people in general. It was easy to notice how she really wrote everything because of her sleep deprivation. That was her turning point.

In the same time, it is really easy to see where your life is headed when you don’t give time to yourself, when you continuously rush, when you’re constantly online or when you forget to see the world other than through the lenses of your smartphone. And it’s far away from a healthy, beautiful image.

I’m not even going to try and say more about the book. It’s really worth it if you feel like you’re tired, drowning in negativity or if you simply are fed up with your current way of being.

I was and still am very connected with my smartphone

I was and still am very connected with my smartphone. What I do realise now is how stupid this sounds. Therefore, I know now I have to work harder to change this.


To learn better how to enjoy a moment in itself.

To not multitask (as praised this would be by our society).

To learn how to be productive without being distracted.

To deal with my messy sleeping routine.

To disconnect and be more present in my real life.

To spend more time with my loved ones.

To love better.

To be better.


Photo source: personal archive


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  1. We live in a digital age. It’s up to us disconnect ourselves from the always online lifestyle. Yes it’s better if we disconnect at night but for me I do it 2 and 3 times a day.

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  2. You doing alright? We ain’t had any updates in a while.


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