Focusing on finding your focus

I recently finished reading a book that blew my mind so many times that I’ve actually lost counting. It’s The Element, by Ken Robinson. If you ever find it somewhere on a bookshelf, read it carefully.

Now that you have been warned, bear with me so I can explain myself.

Up until a few weeks ago, I thought I didn’t know what to do with my life next. Classic story, the twenty-year-old something trying to figure out which path works best for him: should I go on learning on coffee, so that I could become a well-known coffee expert one day? Will it be better if I would start getting proper classes on my other passion, graphic design? Should I write more? Or should I just go with the flow and stop over-boiling my brains?

If there are any other control freaks out there, they might understand my position, caught in between these passions, I can’t simply let myself go with the flow when this is exactly what unsettles me the most, uncertainty on my future steps and career.

Again, up until a few weeks ago, I thought I didn’t know what to do with my life next. And then I read The Element. I still don’t know what to do with my life 😂 But something fundamentally changed deep inside me.

I understood that no matter the decision on my next steps in life, I have to be prepared to be wrong, because then and only then I will come up with something original.

I understood that I need to develop the strengths that lie deep inside me and that come as a natural. In other words, the things that I do easily, just like I wouldn’t actually be working on them. Only then I would start showing any signs of progress. Not to mix things up, I am talking about getting better and better at the things that you naturally do. Getting stuck is one of the risks that you have to be aware of, but what’s life when you’re not taking a leap of faith?

I also now know that actively seeking for opportunities to explore your aptitude in the different fields that you are interested is another way of succeeding at finding your path.

God damn it, I learned so many things while reading a single book, that I begin to question my college degree. Kidding aside, though, I finally get it now: you have to think different. Of course, I heard this so many times before in my life. And of course I never quite understood the meaning behind.

Because we all fill in the blanks behind the words with the meanings and the experiences that previously carve us. We all do it differently simply because we are all a bunch of different egocentric individuals (mind the generalisation). You don’t really have to struggle to think different, just because you are doing so by default. 

Your only concern, therefore, should be managing your thoughts and gather them into a unique focus that works best for you. Finding that stability will act as a powerfull tool that will lead you to the path and the outcome that you desire the most.

Have a focus in your mind. Try make it about the things that you are most passionate about. The rest will come as you go. Or at least this is how I trick my brain every day 🙂


Originally published on The Ascent publication on Medium.




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