We need more love in this world

I don’t feel entitled to talk about love. My own past experiences made me extremely skeptical on writing on it.

But since today is not about me, I’m just going to go ahead.

I remember reading somewhere that love is a choice that everyone in this world can make. Following the idea, the exact opposite would be that hatred is also a choice. Quite basic and easy to understand.

So we wake up in the morning, read the news, drink our coffees, hug our partners or text them ‘Good morning’ and go ahead starting the day. By now, we made several choices based on love without even realising it. We love ourselves, therefore we read the news  or follow our morning rituals. We love our other halves and so we make them aware that we’re still here, still choosing to love them today. You got the point.

Somewhere out there, though, someone wakes up in the morning choosing to hate. To make the news, the bad news, so that we can all then read the titles.

Take the latest news, for example.

Someone woke up in the morning on the French Riviera and decided to drive a truck right through a crowd celebrating their National Day. You decide how screwed up that is.

To make matters worse, take this Wikipedia list, also.

ScreenHunter_195 Jul. 16 08.49

Some people literally woke up every month of this year and decided that killing people is going to be part of their agenda.

How do you get to choose hate over love? What happens deep inside of a dark an evil brain throughout the time, that makes it so merciless and indifferent when facing death matters? My loving brain won’t simply get it.

I get that we’re not perfect, that we have our flaws and that we cannot accept all the things that happen to us, that we get to dislike people and get into verbal fights. Most people deal with those matters by communicating, by making the others understand what is it that they don’t agree with. Most people choose to love.

Other people choose to step over principles and rules and scare the s**t out of normal loving people. Just because at some point in their life, something triggered the bad, the worse in them. Those people choose to forget about love.

Quite literally, it’s just a matter of a few days, one-month maximum, until we will probably hear about another person waking up in the morning, thickening the crowd of heartless people.

So care more. Smile more. Do good.

The one that you bully today might be the crazy one tomorrow deciding to kill dozens of people.

The one that you treat bad today might show up later with a bomb in his bag. It’s the world we live in, so get used to it.

It’s the world we live in, so get used to it.

Originally published on Medium.

Cover photo source: www.epictimes.com


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