Will you people leave the Americanos alone?

It is said to be the most popular coffee drink in the world, after the standard Italian espresso shots.

It is said to be of ‘indeterminate origin’ when in the World War II the American soldiers posted in Italy were diluting their espresso shots in an attempt to make the coffee less strong.

Some people call it ‘gross’ in their nerdy coffee books (which can be understandable if you like your coffee strong and really debatable since you are disrespecting loads of people out there drinking Americanos on a daily basis).

In any case, no matter what history says, some people will still have their Americanos no matter what. Because we all get to have our preferences. And especially on coffee, I am trying to be as respectful as I can and not judge people on their choices.

I am trying. I am failing sometimes when these coffee choices are borderline ridiculous.

For instance, skinny decaf will never be fat and caffeine free. People, just ask old m8 Google if you don’t believe me.

Sugar-free whatever flavour syrup will never actually be sugar-free, so you can stop pretending you’re on a diet for getting it. Plus, you need to get a lifestyle, not a diet.

But that’s just basic stuff that everyone knows.

What I did notice lately though is people starting to change the way they ask for their coffees. And it’s the Americanos I am talking about, ofc.

Busy days at work mean approximately 400 coffees made and served per a barista in the store. When you get to that number, you get to notice things. And the most annoying one is

Can I get a skinny/ semi-skimmed / whatever milk Americano?

Do you know how a barista mind works? It prioritises s*** and things according to milk and different drink types. So it gets prepared for when you are asking for 5 different coffees, a gazillion syrup flavours, milk options or foam preferences.

Let’s try again.

Can I get a skinny/ semi-skimmed / whatever milk Americano?

See, when you are asking for the milk first, you’re telling my brain that you want a milky drink and I turn around to make it. While I am turning, I realise it is just an Americano and that people are weird for calling it that way, so it messes with my brain for a fraction of a second. Skinny Americano just doesn’t sound right.

I am having my Americanos with pouring cream (you can blame my American habits, yes). So next time I am asking for a coffee, should I ask for a pouring cream Americano?

Do you get where I am heading? It might be a little too nerdy, but I would hate things to settle like that and having people asking for their coffees that way all the time. Just let the coffee alone. Have your Americano with separate milk. And learn how to order it. If people think that it is gross, you can at least give them the satisfaction of knowing how to order your ‘gross’ but nonetheless, favourite drink.


Photo source: personal archive


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